About us

Who we are & our beliefs

We are a team of people who believe that in order to understand the fundamentals of our society, someone has to seek for the knowledge and the context that contributed to their creation.

Apart from the scientific knowledge and the technological progress that characterize societal evolution, there is mysterious wisdom which proved to be a significant element of our world. This wisdom is related to religious and spiritual beliefs as well as superstitions and traditions with a long history.

Each trip is the ultimate expression of people’s personal efforts to evolve and understand their surroundings.

What is ritualtrip.com?

ritualtrip.com offers an alternative perspective on traveling and exploring the deep traditional roots of each civilization.

Our destinations are religious festivals on a global level and our focus is orientated to their spiritual, cultural and societal aspects. The customs, the practices, and the rituals that are followed in each festival reveal the fears, the faith, the hopes and the philosophical approach of each culture in life.

At the end of the day, those festivals offer a unique opportunity for everyone to obtain a clear picture of the cultural principles of each community.

Practically we are not professionals. This website is a result of our personal traveling experiences and our curiosity to explore our world through its’ traditional conceptual beliefs.

Our research is done with respect and it is an ongoing process of evolving and improving.

Follow us to our ritual trips and be aware of mysterious, bizarre, devout and funny customs that are identical parts of different cultures.